Let The Games Begin


Student Council Sponsors the Annual Hunger Games Charity Event

This past month, Student Council has been busy planning, promoting, and running one of their biggest charity projects of the year—the Hunger Games. 

“The Hunger Games is a project in which we can promote school spirit, but also help give back to the community,” senior and Student Council President Ruby He said. “We started it because we wanted to increase school spirit, and do more large projects that can involve the whole school, and not just student council members. Unlike most projects, this one also involves the teachers which makes their students more involved in the project.”

The Hunger Games, which started the first week of November and runs until the Arena Games on Nov. 22, consists of three events split over the course of three weeks. 

“The first week is called Penny Wars and we collect pennies to donate to Pennies for Patients, an organization that supports leukemia and lymphoma research,” He said. “The second week is called Battle of the Cans, and we collect canned goods. which we then donate to the Houston Food Bank to help those in the Houston area who need food. The final week of the Hunger Games is called Arena Games. The Arena Games is a buyout pep rally at the end of the week that involves four rounds of physical and mental games. The profits from ticket sales will be donated to UNICEF. Essentially, with the donations we try our best to be able to help local (Houston Food Bank), national (Pennies for Patients), and international (UNICEF) organizations.”

Student Council began running the event last year, and after its success, they brought it back for another year, making it an annual school event.

“Although I won’t be here next year, I believe we will still do [the Hunger Games Project] again,” He said. “There has been great success both years we have done it so far, and our donations this year have far exceeded the previous year. With each year it gets better and better.”

Even before the events begin, Student Council works to promote the event on multiple platforms, and recruits volunteers all over the school to help with events. 

“A couple weeks before [the Hunger Games begin], we start recruiting teachers to volunteer as tributes,” He said. “Once we have all the tributes we start making posters to hang up in the rotunda, and start promoting it on social media. We print out posters and tape them onto cans and boxes for the first two weeks of the Hunger Games. Once the games actually start, we stay after school to count and make sure that everything is ready for the next day.”

Overall, He believes that the Hunger Games Project has been a success, as it has met all their goals they initially set out to accomplish.

“One of my favorite parts about doing the Hunger Games is seeing the students and teachers get so involved,” He said. “One of our biggest goals in Student Council is to involve more of the student body and increase school spirit, and the Hunger Games is the perfect way for us to do it. It brings everyone together, the students enjoy it, and the teachers hype it up, which makes everyone else more excited. There are always obviously small technicalities that we could always improve and work on, but there is nothing that I don’t like about this project, and I hope to see its success in future years.”


Current Standings (At time of writing) 

1- Mr. Kirk

2- Mr. Hatton

3- Ms. Pham

4- Mr. Vinson