Under The Mask


Junior Madison Hill Speaks On What it’s Like Being the School Mascot

On the surface, junior Madison Hill may come across as the average high school student. But unknown to most, she plays a vital role in athletics across the board. Hill, more recognizable to students as Spartacus, has been our school mascot for the past two years.

“I first heard about the mascot position on Slamcast,” Hill said. “I asked one of my guy friends if I should [try out for it], and he said that I was too uptight to do it.”

So taking a leap of faith, Hill decided to go for it. From that day on, she has been the face of Spartan athletics in front of all the students and faculty.

“My favorite events are definitely football games,” Hill said. “The crowds are a lot more excited… [and] I get to take pictures and hang out with the kids in the stands.”

While being the mascot comes with many perks, there are times where it becomes overwhelming.

“The most stressful part [of being the mascot] was definitely my first time at UCA, Universal Cheerleading Association, camp,” Hill said. “It was my very first mascot camp. I had worn the suit once before, and I was competing against people who had been mascots for three years.”

Hill ended up auditioning with a routine she put together in two days, while the people around her had been working for months. In the end, she was given the “All-American” spot and medal, which gave her confidence to continue her role as our school mascot.

“If you have an interest in being mascot, just try out,” Hill said. “I’m not what you’d think a mascot would be: I play cello, participate in choir, and take AP classes. Just ignore what you think people will say about you.”


photo by : Michael Hogg