Nilesh Sager : Varsity Tennis Player Profile

Nilesh Sager : Varsity Tennis Player Profile

Varsity Tennis Player Profile

Nilesh Sager

Role: Team Hypeman

Personal Pre-Game Routine: Lead the chants and get hype with my team for the match.

Season: We ended the season as district champs making it all the way to the Region 3 6A Team Tennis Regional Finals.

Team Relationship: The team is like a second family in itself. We are all brothers and sisters on and off the court and strive to make each other better at whatever we do whether its tennis or academic.

Pre-Match Vibes: We get a good ten minute warmup in. Get some good forehands, backhands, servers, and volleys to prep for the match. Then we do our teach chant and we go fight for the dub!

Low Point: Ending our season with a close loss in the region finals to the eventual state champions, Memorial High School.

High Point: Getting close and important wins over district rival Tompkins and Region Competitor Clements.

Future Plans: As a team. we all look forward to spring season and hope to send many players to College Station to represent Seven Lakes at the spring season state.