First of Many

First of Many

Speech and Debate Coach Becomes First TFA President

A glass ceiling in Texas has been shattered this year as Mrs. Adeyemi- the Speech and Debate teacher- was elected as the first African American woman President of the Texas Forensics Association. Mrs. Adeyemi has been involved in TFA for a long time, coaching the Speech and Debate team for 14 years, winning nearly every TFA competition at the state level, 

“This is nearing the end of my speech and debate career as a coach so I thought this would be a good time to run for President,” Adeyemi said. “What the President does is they are in charge of governing the body and they are the tournament director at the state tournaments.”

Winning by a landslide, Mrs. Adeyemi describes the role as an honor. “There have only been three African American presidents,” Adeyemi said. “The first two were my friends and mentors, but they were male.”

By breaking this glass ceiling, Adeyemi hopes to inspire others to follow in the footsteps.

“Hopefully, in the future, women of color feel that they can also run and represent the body. On a national level, I think it’s great for someone who looks like me to represent the state of Texas because, as I’ve said, it’s never been done before. Even for students who are just competing, maybe they will see a future of being a coach and see that it is achievable. Hopefully, for other state organizations, people of color will step up and try to be of service.”

As President, Adeyemi has many plans for her years of service.

 “I want to implement new programs at the state level, especially for students on the free and reduced lunch program,” Adeyemi said. It’s a long three days of competition and some kids don’t have money. If your team doesn’t provide you with meals, you have to provide for yourself. I want to implement a program where kids on the free and reduced lunch program have their meals paid for at the state competition. I also want to unify the body more and help solve the issue of carrying out our state competition.”