Mon. May 25th, 2020


Two vs Four

Students walk past Wilson Library on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S., September 20, 2018. Picture taken on September 20, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Drake - RC131D7A3900

Why Attending Community College is a Good Idea

Community college for many high school seniors is looked at as never being an option for them because of the limited curriculum, lack of campus life, and uninvolved students, but despite this, community college is actually a great idea for many because it’s cheaper, more flexible, and gives students time to figure out what they really want.

The biggest reason students should consider community college is because it’s a lot cheaper than any four-year university. This lower cost is not only affordable to those who thought they would never be able to afford college, but helps to ease other students into having to pay the four year university fee later.

Additionally, the schedules are flexible. Many students don’t realize that if they plan on working, attending community college is the best option since they offer more night classes, and various schedule options. Pair that with the smaller size classes, and students will have a better opportunity for success.

Community college also gives students time to figure out what they want their major to be. Many seniors finish high school still unsure of what career they want to go into, but they attend a four year college anyway in hopes of figuring it out. However, most times they don’t figure it out or they make the wrong decision. This ends up being a huge waste of time and money. So instead of going straight to a four year university, students should attend community college. The two years they are enrolled can be used to help them figure out what they want to do in the future while completing core classes they will need later.

Even though community college is a great option, students should still plan on attending a four-year university because of the limited curriculum. Community college is only meant for basic level classes, so they have very limited options on what path to take which is why attending a four-year college is necessary if students plan on pursuing their bachelors or masters degree.

While a four-year university is great for many students when looking for college, they should always keep in mind they have the option of attending community college, and even though it might not have the same campus lifestyle appeal, it may be the smarter option for many other reasons people don’t often think about.