How to Choose the Right Meditation Method

It is a fact: mental health must be taken just as seriously as physical health. Even though it is not visible exercise, doing a continuous meditation is important as it provides peace and positivity. Just like the many different types of physical exercises, meditations have numerous methods as well. Among various meditation types, it is important to choose the right meditation to thoroughly feel the progress of positivity and peace inside your brain.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is known as the most popular method of meditating. This meditation helps people to understand how minds collaborate with each other and resolves impatience, intolerance, and other negative habits. The way to practice this method is quite simple: take a meditation posture, make your back straight, and start slowly breathing as you focus your mind on getting rid of unnecessary thoughts. If you continuously practice mindful meditation, you will feel a dramatic decrease in stress and anxiety. After the process, you will feel the change in real life as you notice your coping skills progressing and peace coming to your mind.

Movement Meditation

While there is mindful meditation that keeps your body still, there is movement meditation that helps your mind to be peaceful as you keep your body in motion. Movement meditation is more suitable for energetic people, as you can move your body in order to achieve peace in mind. There are several types of movement meditation that include walking, running, yoga and martial arts. Movement meditation is extremely helpful as it benefits you while you’re moving in real life, such as when walking up and down the stairs, taking a walk, and walking around the hallway. After this meditation, the movement of your body becomes the object of meditation. And along with mental exercise, it is possible for people to practice physical exercise as well. It can be the right method for people who find it hard to stay in one place for long time, and also for people who find it easy to concentrate when they’re moving around.

Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation presents an image that creates a distinct feeling that is brought to mind. This method is quite simple to exercise: close your eyes, imagine a view such as clear blue sky, a beautiful landscape, or any other visualization of your choice. Then as you continue exercising your mind, try to imagine your thoughts and feelings as a feather in the sky that is gently flying around. This meditation gives you the effect of distancing yourself from negative mental activity and bringing peace in your brain. It will also make you calm as you can feel yourself being more positive ever than before.

Focused Meditation

This meditation focuses on concentrating exclusively on what you are doing. This meditation is for people who have several different thoughts – a scattered mind with dissatisfaction on their lives and trouble concentrating. Drinking a cup of tea is way to exercise mentally while letting your mind only focus on drinking your cup of tea. Because a cup of tea provides you with warmth and a comforting aroma, it will help you concentrate your mind and slowly bring back peace. The action of drinking a cup of tea isn’t the only method of exercising focused meditation. Whatever you do, you should focus on solely what you are doing. For instance, if you’re listening to classical music, you should only focus on listening, not anything else. The same factor applies even when you’re exercising. Your mind shouldn’t wander around anywhere, but instead, your mind should only be focusing on exercising. After exercising focused meditation, you will learn how to concentrate, which will improve your focusing skill and you will find the joy of concentrating in real life.

These four methods are the most popular methods of meditating, and ways to practice these meditations are all different. However, they present you the same result: peace and positivity. If you are going through a hard time, having calming yourself down, or feeling negativity dominating your mind, these several types of meditations will help you understand more about yourself and help you care about your mental health. If feeling anxious, it is so important to notice it quickly and do a mental exercise. In order to stay positive and peaceful, meditations are highly recommended, as you can choose the most suitable method among a variety of meditating ways.

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