Students Share Their Thoughts Surrounding Their Favorite Teachers

John Pangarakis (Junior) “Coach Moncada is my favorite teacher throughout all my years in high school. He is effective at explaining and demonstrating the key concepts one is required to understand in order to succeed in his course. Coach Moncada also excels at maintaining the class’ attention and keeping us involved and interested in the lesson.”

Justin He (Sophomore) “Coach Nenniger is my favorite teacher because he always tells us to do our best, is super nice to everyone all the time, and the way he teaches the class is fun and exciting. I always learn a lot from him and feel it will help me in the future. I always feel happy when I’m in his class.”

Dawson Schmidt (Senior) “Mr. Kolkman is my favorite teacher out of my four years of high school, because he always brought a positive attitude which encouraged us to achieve our fullest potential in cinematography. He also had one of the funniest laughs that made all the students laugh because of how weird it sounds. I can honestly say that Mr. Kolkman positively impacted my experience at high school.”

Emily Park (Junior) “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Glasgow for AP Art Studio and AP Art History. She’s so dedicated to her classes and is passionate when she teaches. She brings humor and a bright light to almost everything and makes the situation a lot better than it is. She is caring of all her students and is really devoted to everything she does. No matter how overwhelmed she feels she seems to always be focused and energized. I’ll really miss her next year and I hope to make her proud of being her student one day.”

Cadee Calibo (Junior) “Mr. Lefevre was my freshman English teacher a few years back. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind or fail me; but also taught me things outside of English. He saw writing potential in me and encouraged me to join Academic Decathlon, even though I wasn’t interested. Should’ve done it, oops.”

Anna Lakhani (Senior)  “Mr. Saunders is my favorite teacher because he helped and taught me so much. I first had him my junior year in Career Prep, and he actually cared about the kids and wanted them to succeed, unlike other teachers. He took time to get to know all of us and connected with us. I had him again senior year for two classes, Global Business and Career Prep, and they are two of my favorite classes this year.”

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