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What Is Destination Imagination?

What is DI?

Destination Imagination is a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire the future generation and encourage innovation and problem solving as a team. DI is open to students from Pre-K to University level.

DI is comprised of six Main Challenges: improvisational, fine arts, technical, scientific, service learning, and engineering. Teams have four months to develop the solution to their challenge, without outside help, before they must present it at their regional tournament.

In addition, teams must participate in an Instant Challenge the day of the tournament. Teams do not know what the challenge is, allowing it to test team work under pressure and problem solving under a time constraint.

There are three tournaments every school year: Regionals, State, and finally, Globals, where teams from all over the world compete to win.

How many DI teams does Seven Lakes have in the 2018-2019 school year?

Seven Lakes has four teams this school year: 28 Eyes, iSmart, DI Randy Orton, and 24×7 Silly 4.0.

What makes up a team?

Teams are made up of four to seven members that are in the same school group (for example: all in high school), though they are not required to be in the same grade or attend the same school. In addition, each team must have at least one team manager that is usually a teacher or parent, who is responsible for paperwork and organization.

What do the teams want you to know?

“We dedicate a lot of time to it, and we’re successful too,” -Joie Li, sophomore

“It’s really fun activity to do with your friends,” -Matthew Crabtree, sophomore

What do the teams love the most about DI?

“You get to experience a lot of different cultures and have unique experiences with a number of different countries at Globals,” -Charlotte Manske, sophomore

“It’s such a positive yet competitive outlet for my creativity that is completely unlimited and really cleansing,” -Elizabeth O’Rear, sophomore

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