Humans of Seven Lakes: Flora Hu


“I moved here from Paris, France when I was seven and I am of Chinese ethnicity. Paris is really different from Katy. There is so much culture and tradition packed into the city, there’s something to see everywhere you go. Living in Paris was definitely what got me into art. There are so many artistic influences in Paris, ranging from painting to literature to music. My first art class was actually in Paris.

My biggest obstacle has been trying to figure out which direction I wanted to go in art because the field is so vast. Also, overcoming the stigma that majoring in an artistic field might lead to having difficulty finding a job, but I decided that it’s worth it if I love what I do. Art is basically the driving force of my life. It has been and hopefully continues to be as I want to pursue it as a career. My favorite part about being an artist is getting to express ideas that are important to me and being able to impact others through it. Vincent Van Gogh, although stereotypical, is my artist inspiration. I really think he revolutionized art despite the rough life he experienced. He is a man of character, a genius, and genuine thought. Personally, I’m still experimenting with my art but I’d say my work falls into the mixed media category. I love incorporating different elements into my art to elevate the pieces from a simple colored drawing. My go to tool are my black artist pens, I use them for so many different projects. I created my first official art piece when I was 5. Since then the piece I am most proud of creating is the one I did for my AP portfolio of two nude figures on a blue background.

After this year ends I’ll be attending Parsons School of Design as a Fashion Design major to pursue a career as a fashion designer for women’s apparel. I’ve always loved clothes; my artwork has always involved piecing different materials together so the two concepts mesh perfectly for fashion design. I’m really excited to live independently and finally be able to focus on what I love to do. Moving to NYC has always been a dream of mine so I’m excited for that to actually happen. However, I will definitely miss being able to come to school and see my friends who are so supportive of my endeavors.”