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Dangers of Media To Teenagers

Teenagers are currently in the stage of growth. When a problem is thrown front of them, they learn how to think about the problem in depth and develop decisions on their own, contrary to the past as children, when they were mostly dependent on adults. Because thinking skills are crucial to every teenager when on the path to becoming an adult, it is important for teenagers to know how to develop their own thoughts and know their preferences without their minds interrupted.

At the same time, many teenagers are influenced by media which can affect teenagers’ minds. Particularly in the world of social media, teenagers may be affected by wrong ideas or values. Sometimes, teens have a tendency of believing everything the media presents to them. Once they take in false information and believe it as a fact, danger occurs, because they cannot stay true to their values. While it is important to learn how to choose between what is right and what is wrong, teenagers may lack such skills in the future which prohibits them from developing critical thinking skills.

The world of media is not only restricted to social media, but also includes TV shows, movies, and songs. Today, it is not uncommon for teenagers to hear explicit words in songs or watch shows or movies that handle sensitive material, such as drugs and suicide. Even though they may feel uncomfortable with the subject that the show presents, teenagers often find themselves continuing to watch such TV shows and movies because they are popular or “viral” on the internet. Additionally, songs are easier to get addicted to, even though they often have explicit themes that are not suitable for a teenage audience. They may feel left out if they dislike the trend. If this continues, teenagers may struggle to find their true preferences in media, and are instead influenced by their peers and viral trends.

Since media is a large part of our society, teenagers think it is an essential aspect of living, such as connecting with friends on social media, enjoying long weekends watching Netflix, and releasing stress by listening to songs on Spotify. However, media is growing bigger due to easier access than ever, and the age range of people consuming media is getting lower. Due to the large amount of ideas circulating media, especially social media, it is difficult for impressionable teens to filter the content and determine what their own world view is. Businesses who manage social media accounts, need to realize how influential they are, and make content decisions while keeping this in mind. At the same time,  it is a good practice for teenagers to take a break from social media for awhile periodically, and seek influence from different aspects of the world.

Media has partially eased living standards in comparison to the past. However, this doesn’t mean media helps us with every aspect of our lives. And especially for teenagers, media can truly be dangerous when it comes to altering each individual’s view while they’re on the path to being adult. For teenagers, there should be age regulations on media such as censoring sensitive topics and R rated materials. This will help teenagers to grow mentally as adults who own clear ethics and truly know what their aversions are on certain themes when watching dramas and movies or listening to songs.

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