Humans Of Seven Lakes: Erin Gawne


“I started dance when I was four years old and I have been dancing ever since. I tried out other sports but nothing gave me the same rush of being on stage and performing under the spotlight. I’ve spent countless hours in the studio where I have learned discipline, time management, and working hard for your goals. Ballet is a very taxing art/sport not only physically but also mentally. You have to have the mental strength to push through when you are exhausted and in pain and have to constantly push yourself. Since dance is an individual sport, you don’t have anyone other than yourself to push yourself to do better.

Entering freshman year, I tried out for sapphires, the school’s dance team. To my excitement, I made it. However, during my time on the team sophomore and junior year I didn’t make a lot of the team dances. I’m not going to lie, this was hard. My identity had been built up in dance as my whole world revolved around it. I was lost and confused and lost a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities. I decided to not totally give up on dance but to focus my efforts on other things. I applied for an editor position for the yearbook and to my surprise, I made it. I had made myself believe that I was going to be rejected because I was used to that in the past so when I got the position, I had hope again.

My life motto is probably everything happens for a reason. I believe that every struggle, every hardship, and even every good memory shapes you into the person that you are and without those things you wouldn’t be the same. I’d much rather go through hard times in life if it means I’ll come out stronger than not go through them at all. Also to not take things too seriously and just live life to the fullest. Our time on earth isn’t long or promised so it’s important to not stress over the things you can’t control and to just enjoy the moments you have with the people you love.

I will be attending the University of Oklahoma next fall and I plan to pursue a major in advertising. I’ve always considered myself a creative person and I’ve had a passion for journalism and design. I’m honestly not afraid of anything right now. I’m just excited for the future and to start being a part of things and focusing my attention on the things I’m interested in.”