Humans of Seven Lakes: Sophia Martinez


“I’ve been working at Chilled Cryospa for about two years now. I basically do everything there, I run the machines, receptionist duties, I clean. Our full body cryo machine is our main machine that everyone comes to us for. It uses nitrogen gas that is supercooled to about -220 degrees fahrenheit, so it gets pretty cold in there. It works by putting your mind into a state of hypothermia, and sending you into fight or flight mode. Your body will react by pulling all your blood to your core and redistributing it with oxygen, nutrients, and endorphins. It balances out your hormones, and it’s been known to help with soreness, inflammation,and your sleep schedule. Since it resets your hormones, it also helps with depression and anxiety, which is really helpful for students. We have a few students who come in. It’s mostly athletes, but there are also a few students who just feel that it will help.

We also do cryoshaping, which is for weight loss. We use our target cryo machine, which is basically what the chamber is, except it’s a hose and we supercool the area. Then we use a massage vibrator to break down the fat cells, and it’ll actually kill all the fat cells. Then we wash it out of your system so it totally gets rid of them. A lot of people compare it to coolsculpting, but it’s really nothing like it because it’s not invasive, and it doesn’t hurt – when you do coolsculpting, it burns. We did cryoshaping on this one lady, and she dropped four dress sizes, which was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

My job at Chilled Cryospa allows me to help people, which is really cool. In the future, I want to do nursing because I want to help people in my own way.

I’m also in National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, SOS, and Student Council and I do some art and some writing. I’m writing a comic book right now with my friend, just for fun. It’s about people with powers, kind of like Marvel comic books but more modernized. My friend, Caitlin Furley, came up with the idea. She knew I loved to draw and doodle, so she asked me to draw the actual comic book itself. I thought, ‘yeah that could be really fun,’ because we both love Marvel. She started creating the story and I started drawing it out for her. We started probably a month and a half ago. It’s really recent but we’re getting a good start. She’s already gotten a lot of the story down in her head. As of right now it’s still just for fun, but I know she wants to get herself out there, and maybe we’ll publish it one day.

I also just wrote this story to get a scholarship and they told me that as of right now, I have an honorable mention. Hopefully I get a scholarship from that. I’m also working on a second story with another friend. We had different ideas, and we just put our minds together and made this world that is kind of like our comic book but more dystopian.

Monday through Thursdays are my work days – when I focus on talking to people and I’m always in my ‘work mode’ as I like to say. I’m more introverted, so it’s hard to go to work when I’m constantly talking to people, and constantly promoting cryo. Then, Friday and the weekend I have more my time to myself so I’ll draw, and work on writing.

I’ve thought about writing on the side all the time. I’d love to do it. It scares me to put myself out there but I would want to, maybe on the side of nursing and school.”