Losing My Cultural Identity?


Without regular trips “back home” or strong relationships through cultural associations, I wonder if I may just simply … lose my culture. And if I do, what exactly have I lost?

The 21st Century: a century of globalization where all the societies with different cultures live together. Mostly, Western civilization is sweeping away the traditions and cultures of the society, affecting changes in the behavior and thinking of people in different societies. It is understood that a culture loss seems too apparent in some communities where the main culture is weak.  Many think that if this trend keeps going on, the global diversity of culture identity will be lost forever. Society thinks globalization is a big threat because the young generation is sweeping away with different cultures and mostly adapting the culture of western style. This unfortunately worries the societies as they think it will affect their culture.

One of the problems with living in a foreign country is the fact that we are living in a multi-cultural society that has always had our little ethnic communities.

A well-known Italian idiom, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations,” refers to the accumulation and loss of wealth across generations. In China, the saying is “wealth never survives three generations.” I fear the same is true for culture. Culture is more than food or colorful clothing. It is a mindset, a way to experience the world and navigate one’s place within. Culture is family, history and tradition.

In the future I hope to instill this mindset to my children, I want them to be accepting of other cultures yet never lose sight of their own. Being the child of South Asian immigrants is a big part of my identity growing up, and it has also provided me a handy cultural reference for myself and others

Cultures are the core values that cannot be disappeared just because of globalization. Globalization is system that helps us learn and explore different society culture by not forgetting our own culture. This is because the main stream of any culture of any society is not weak that it can be affected by any globalization. But we can’t say there is no effect on cultures but, they won’t change the rituals and values of a culture of certain community or society.