ICE Arrests Savage After His Illegal Status In the United States

The famous rapper, 21 Savage was arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on Super Bowl night, stunning everyone. 21 Savage, also known by his birth name She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was found to be an illegal immigrant who was born in London that overstayed his visit in the United States. His parents brought him to America when he was a minor and he hasn’t changed his legal status since.  

This reveal brought attention across social media platforms and was amplified by significant influencers such as Cardi B and Demi Lovato. Cardi B posted an Instagram post simply demonstrating her reaction to the issue and how she is not in agreement with ICE’s actions. Twitter played a major role in stirring up the heat of the situation Joseph has been in, with the creation of memes and tweets.

The situation was taken very lightly until the realization that Savage was actually detained by ICE and was kept hostage in a detention center with bare minimum communication with loved ones.

“I feel like they should at least try their best to let him stay in the United States,” senior Kendall Lacy said. “He is a harmless person and an entertainer.”

The #Free21Savage movement has rapidly spread through social media to bring awareness to the issue and aid in him not getting removed from the United States. There has also been a petition promoted by a few celebrities to help in allowing him to stay in the U.S.

Savage was also nominated for two Grammy awards this year for Record of the Year. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony due to his stay in an ICE detention center. During the Grammys, outside of the Staples Center, there was a small group of people protesting on behalf of Savage and it brought even more awareness to the situation.

“It is very unfortunate that he couldn’t attend the Grammy’s when he was nominated,” senior Sharon Muita said. “He worked hard all year to be nominated for this award to not be able to attend this special occasion.”

Although he was arrested in 2014 for drug charges, he has since become an advocate for responsible habits. He created the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign (named after his song, “Bank Account”), which focuses on teaching teenagers responsible money management.

“I started the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign and its to help kids learn how to save money and make money, and open bank accounts for kids,” he said, on the Ellen Show.

Savage has been a role models for many teens across the country through his music and philanthropy efforts. He has participated in numerous functions to enable teens to pursue a successful future.

Savage had been placed in removal proceedings to await a federal immigration judge to determine if he stays in the United States or goes back to his home country in Britain. After more than a week, Savage was finally released from ICE custody and will not be deported to the United Kingdom. His representatives have been working vigorously to secure his residency in the United States to prevent his deportation.


Deborah Opara

Deborah Opara

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