Alien-ate The World

The Realities of Extraterrestrial Life

The universe is larger than most people can even imagine. Since the Big Bang, it has been constantly expanding to a size larger than the human race can fully comprehend. The farthest scientists on Earth can see is 13.8 billion light years away in any direction. We know almost nothing about the celestial world, making it inaccurate for individuals to assume that life on other planets does not exist. It is probable that life in the celestial world exists because of the large scale of the unknown universe, the existence of microbiological creatures on Earth in extreme environments that are similar to the extreme environments of other planets, and the physical unexplainable evidence that suggests the existence of intelligent alien life.

Distance in space is measured in light years, or the amount of years it takes for light to travel from an object to Earth. However, since it takes time for the light to reach back to Earth, we always view the past of the extraterrestrial world. For example, the galaxy of Andromeda can be seen by the naked eye, yet it is 2.5 million light years away. Thus, every time we look at Andromeda, we see it as it was 2.5 million years ago. In this way, we know almost nothing about the observable world, let alone the world beyond the knowledge of humans. The Drake equation is a single equation that calculates the amount of advanced civilizations in existence. This equation suggests the possibility of the existence of tens of millions of planets with advanced life. Seemingly every day, NASA reports on newly discovered planets and exoplanets capable of supporting life in our observable universe.

Scientists have always utilized the requirements of life for creatures on Earth as the requirements for all life. However, microbiological life known as extremophiles have been discovered in extreme conditions, disproving what scientists previously believed to be necessary to support life. For example, Strain 121 of the Pyrodictiaceae family survived at 250 degrees fahrenheit. Deinococcus radiodurans is common in soil and survived a radiation dose of 5 million rads, even though a dose of 1000 rads would kill a human being. Many of the conditions that extremophiles face are similar to conditions they would be subject to in other planets.

At the same time, while they are often viewed as conspiracy theories, there is much evidence that is difficult to explain, proving that advanced extraterrestrials have been on Earth. From crop circles to UFO sightings, there is a large amount of physical evidence that proves the existence of aliens. While they are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, more research should be conducted towards the origins of this evidence.

In all, there is so much that people do not know about the universe. To assume that aliens do not exist because people have not seen them is naive, especially since there is a large amount of scientific evidence that suggests their existence.

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