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How To Handle A Best Friend Break-Up

Tips For A Friendship Split

The best friend break up: bound to happen and horrible to deal with. Yet it’s ten times worse when the breakup is filled with drama and tension. Here’s how to deal with a messy best friend breakup.

Make Some Changes To Your Social Media

Un-following or blocking your ex-friend can seem a little drastic, but if you aren’t on good terms, it can help to remove them from this aspect of your life. It’s nearly impossible to avoid seeing them around school, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them on your social media, or stay on theirs. The possibility of seeing them around other friends in Instagram posts can hurt, and can add pressure to replace them as quickly they replaced you. Instead, try blocking them for a few weeks after you two have officially split, or at least try to stay off their accounts.

Don’t Force Closure

While closure is generally a healthy thing, pushing for a resolution can make things worse. Messy best friend breakups need some time to settle, or the same things that drew you apart will prevent healthy closure from happening and will likely make things worse. Instead, aim for understanding– or at least stand to be in the same room.

Keep It Private

If you’re not getting the sympathy you think you deserve from mutual friends, it can be tempting to throw some updates on the drama between you up on your story, or tell your side of the story to everyone you meet, or, if you’re feeling really extra, to literally shout it from the rooftops. Don’t. Adding more drama to an already tension-filled situation can turn what’s going on between you from a lack of friendship to complete hate. Sure, you can confide in other close friends in order to work through your feelings, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to know.

Focus On Yourself

Ending a friendship is usually accompanied by a wave of self-doubt and lowered self-image, so it’s important to step back and put effort into maintaining self-care. If you put all your energy towards missing (or hating) your ex-bestie, your own state of mind and living will end up deteriorating.

It’s difficult to get through a split with your best friend, but not impossible. By following these tips, you can move on with your life and get past the break-up phase, to a better you and better friendships in the future.

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