Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Cory Ramirez

“I started jump-roping ten years ago, but I didn’t really like it at first. I thought it was kind of stupid cause I wasn’t even good at it, but I think it was my first real competition which was in 2014 going to Worlds where I realized ‘Oh shoot, this is kind of cool. I’m actually kind of good.’ My coach told me I had potential and encouraged me to try more, so I did.

For Team USA, we had to try out for trials in different age groups. In group 12-14, It was me and three other people who made the youth team for Worlds. We placed fourth in two events.

I’ve been there ever since and I’ve met so many of my best friends on the team. We meet twice a week for two hours. Being on this team has taught me how to be a leader more – on the side, I help my friend’s dad coach his team and it has taught me to speak up, how to help other people, and motivate younger kids.

I like to work on speed and double dutch, but double dutch is my favorite, especially with the four people in my group because we get to make up our own routines. Our coach gives us tricks to work on but we also go on Instagram and go through the jump-roping feed. We look at other tricks and try to copy what they do. We also go to workshops were we learn from different jumpers around the country.

It makes me mad when people say jump-roping isn’t a sport. We do more than ‘jump in.’ It’s gymnastics and cardio but it is a lot of work and people don’t realize that. Over competition season, we practice for three hours, four days a week – it is insane.

In college, there are jump-roping collegiates so I plan to start my own team so we can go to nationals. But for right now, we are hoping to go to the Olympics. It may be a possibility.”

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