Blind Trust: Bird Box Movie Review


Netflix brings Academy Award and Golden Globes winner Sandra Bullock as the lead role for the movie “Bird Box.” Sandra Bullock, in mix with other strong characters makes a typical story emotional and compelling.

The story opens on Bullock’s character, Malorie, as she gives firm guidelines to two kids about the impediments they are going to encounter in a boat ride and leaving their blindfolds on, regardless of what occurs. The movie got a lot of backlash when the names of the kids were known to be “boy” and “girl” especially because of the environment they were being raised in.

Flashback to five years earlier, and Malorie is heading out to a doctor’s appointment with her sister, who has told Malorie the news about mass suicides in Europe and Asia where individuals apparently fall under a type of spell and hurt themselves to the point of their own death. As the they leave the hospital, it is certain that the ‘spell’ has advanced toward the US, as the city around them succumbs to chaos. Malorie then finds a house that is filled with survivors that are in the same situation. The movie does a great job in the use of parallel narrative for the audience to understand.

The remainder of the flashbacks are spent demonstrating their battle for survival and learning how to deal with what’s happening around them. As the story develops, they find out that there are demons free to move around at will outside. They can’t come inside and if they do, you are immediately made crazy to the point of suicide. Certain individuals are immune to this, however, and their side effect of seeing the demon/monster rather center around motivating every other human to look outside and ‘see the beauty.’ Due to the amount of situations that were unexplained, “Bird Box” seemed to be focused more on the characters and their reactions to the horror that the movie continuously unravels.  

This movie contains elements of intense violence but it’s entertaining enough for people who love this kind of genre or the star of the show. Sandra Bullock does a great job performing as a mother and trying her best to save the lives of other people around her. Her performance is executed well as a woman who can only survive on her own.

At the very end of the movie, Malorie finally finds a group of people to stay with who are blind which was quite an ironic finish for the movie.