Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Jessica Tolentino

“I don’t know the moment I first fell in love with video production. When I was younger, my friends and I would just play with a camera, like the whole CamWow thing, and the whole Pink Digital Recorder – I was really into that.

When it comes to creativity for me, I don’t think it through, it just comes to me. There was this one time I was driving and an idea popped in my head, and it was like, oh crap, I gotta write this down. I was at a stoplight, jotting it all down. Every time I would listen to music, I would get this vision of how this music video would play out in my head and I would think ‘that’s amazing, I could do that.’

I don’t know when when I made my first video. At the time I was like ‘well, if I keep getting these ideas in my head, then I must be good at something.’ And I was thinking, I could be a music video producer, and that’s what I wanted to do for a while. That’s my secret passion. I don’t rely on it because it’s just hard to do, but it is a possibility.

I made one 30 second music video and I was like ‘this is amazing.’ Then, I showed it to the class and everyone was like ‘woah.’ It took me four hours to put together, using different effects and everything.

Newspaper has taught me a lot about myself. I wrote this article about being kind. From that I was was like ‘maybe I should make a video to go along with it.’ I was using Windows Movie Maker and then from there I thought ‘okay, well this looks like trash, I could do better.’ So the next video I made, I started using Premiere Pro, and looking at the basics of it, and I kind of self taught myself the whole thing. As the years go on, if you look on the online website, you can see my videos get better. If I didn’t do Newspaper, I don’t know who I’d be. In 8th grade, I don’t know why I checked off journalism. But when I checked it off, I thought to myself ‘I’m going to be Editor in Chief,’ and look, now I’m here.”


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