Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Ian Junatas

“I’m an only child but I have a huge extended family, with close to 40 cousins. Every time they come for Christmas, it’s always a lot of fun. It is always good to have them to compare myself to, because all my cousins are really smart and it gives me goals to reach. I want to be like them so I need to work hard. My greatest fear is not living up to my own expectations because I set high standards for myself.

I participate in both band and robotics, and in my free time I sleep and play basketball. I enjoy robotics a lot, in part because of my friends on the team. Since I want to be an engineer when I grow up, robotics is also a great way to prepare myself and learn new skills. Also, winning is really fun and it’s always amazing to see something you helped design and build on the field beating other robots six weeks later. For robotics, I drive the robot and I scout other teams to plan strategies. I research a lot and I have learned a lot about other teams in terms of both engineering and strategy, which has made me really good at coming up with design ideas and strategies for our own team. In robotics, we qualified for the UIL State Championships last year and we had a match with one of the best teams in the world. We accidentally broke their robot and we thought they were mad at us. We were really proud though, because we beat them in that match. Then, the next day, they picked us to be on their team and we became state finalists. We made new friends despite breaking their robot.

My favorite thing about band is that once again, we spend so much time practicing. I spend close to 30 hours a week on band. We start in July, and get our music and everyone sounds like garbage. We practice and practice until November when we perform for the last time at our state contest and we sound awesome. There are some bands out there who have never heard of us and are shocked that we are so good. In band, I am the section leader of the front ensemble. I play marimba and I am in charge of a group of around twenty kids. For band, ever since I was a freshman, I wanted to be on drumline and I practiced a lot. When I was a sophomore, I did not make drumline. I was really upset I got placed in the lowest band because I didn’t want to try anymore. My section leader that year was really nice and explained to me that I shouldn’t just give up and because of her, I ended up becoming a section leader myself.

My years in band taught me that I shouldn’t give up, and that hard work will get you where you want. In robotics, I have learned how to work with others, which will help me a lot in the future. I have also learned a lot of engineering knowledge from people who know more than I do. In all, these experiences have shaped me and prepared me for my future. I want to be an aerospace engineer at NASA. While I am not sure where I would like to attend college yet, I have already been accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of Florida, Baylor, the University of Texas, Texas A&M, and more. I’m excited to see what my future brings me and I will remember what I have learned through my experiences in high school for the rest of my life.”

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