Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Julia Black

“It was a completely new experience and one that I really couldn’t prepare for.

Before coming to Seven Lakes, I attended Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio, and in the 8th grade, Hoover High School had an event for soon-to-be high schoolers to find organizations they wanted to be a part of. I found the tech theater table and saw all the cool things they were doing with lights and sets on-stage. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

I’m now a senior and have been a part of technical theater for the past four years.

My first show freshman year was called The Man Who Came to Dinner. I didn’t really build anything. That job was left to the upperclassmen, as they believed the freshman would screw up. There was a total of three freshmen on crew and we were told to stand there and not ruin anything. When it came to opening night, I forgot that I had to wear all black and had white on the bottoms of my shoes, and on top of that, I was a half an hour late because I didn’t know what a call time meant. What’s even worse was that when we had our first major scene change, one of the prop rugs wasn’t properly secured down, so I tripped and fell over it, causing a vase to break. I was shook to my core and I didn’t realize I had to get up and walk off right away. The lights came up and I was just getting off the floor and dashing off stage. Because of this, I had to mop the stage before every show as a punishment.

Theater takes up a lot of my time outside of school hours, especially when there is a mainstage show going on. I haven’t gotten the chance to be super involved in other extracurricular activities here but I played lacrosse back in Ohio and started playing the banjo when I was 11. One thing that is interesting about me is that I absolutely love history. I love collecting antiques with historical meaning or even reading thick books on the 20th century. Although I love doing these things, tech theater definitely consumes most of my time.

The first production I had a major crew head position for was Eat Your Heart Out, where I was the Master Electrician (which basically means that I was in charge of lights). This may sound weird, but it was a really exhilarating experience since I was in charge of making the set come to life. The best part of it was honestly all the valuable skills I gained, not just in theater, but taking responsibility for my mistakes and taking control of the situation at hand.

Theater, in general, has changed the way I behave, how I think, and even how I feel about certain things. Before getting involved in theater, I used to not care about the arts or anything that wasn’t sports related, but it has given me a new appreciation on life and how to view it in a more positive light. Tech theater has taught me that no matter what, you must keep going. If you stop, it’s going to be so much harder to start again. Honestly, it’s important to remember that the reward is always going to be greater than what you expect.

As my time with theater in high school is slowly coming to an end, I’d like to give a shout out to some of my friends: Kate RO, Omar Garza, Victoria Esquivel, Javier Cardona, Cynthia Cuauro, Megan Iltis, Heather McMasters, Winnie Ng Zhen, and Cristina Chavez.”


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