Humans of Seven Lakes

Humans of Seven Lakes: Hallah Karam

“Some words I like to live by are ‘Know your worth, then add tax.’ Although it sounds very cliche, I’m striving to better myself and focus on the things that will benefit me in the future. My name is Hallah Karam I’m half American and half Egyptian but ironically, I’ve never been to Egypt. I grew up with an Arab dad so I’ve been able to learn about the culture and language. My biggest inspiration in life would have to be my mom, who doubles as a best friend. I appreciate her strength, compassion, and how she’s always by my side making me laugh. I’m the middle daughter of three and I believe that family important.

I’m [very] passionate about my job on a crew called LAMBS, which stands for Live Action Media Broadcast System. It’s a program through Miller Career Technology Center that gives students the opportunity to work for Katy ISD. As a crew member, I get to film the football games live on the field and even assist the director in the booth itself. I’m passionate about my job because I’ve always enjoyed filming videos growing up. One of my favorite hobbies has been creating music videos and short films with my sisters.  

However, I really want to pursue a career that helps people and I am very intrigued by pharmacy. My dad is a cancer patient. In July he was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. It’s been really hard on my whole family, especially knowing how uncommon it is and seeing the medications and treatments he has to get on a daily basis. One thing in particular that really impacted me was when a pharmacist noticed a drug interaction in my dad’s prescriptions and pretty much saved his life. I hope to make a difference like that one day.

My mom has played a vital role in influencing my career choice as well, because she’s always taking care of my dad and giving him the medicine he needs-basically, she is his nurse/pharmacist/ wife all in one and I admire her so much for her dedication. I plan to attend University of Houston to pursue pharmacy.”

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