Easy to Make Boba Tea!

Easy to Make Boba Tea!

story by: Ishita Patra


  1. Gather your boba and put it in a bowl
  2. Pour however much you want into the bowl
  3. For every ¼ cup of boba, pour 2 cups of water in a separate container
  4. Pour the water into a pan and start heating it up
  5. When the water starts to produce steam pour the boba in
  6. Stir the boba in the water until they begin floating to the top of the water
  7. Turn the heat to medium and cook the boba for 12-15 minutes
  8. Remove the boba from the pan and set it on a plate
  9. Cover the boba with a lid and let the pearls sit for another 12-15 minutes


  1. While your boba is cooling you can start making your sugar syrup to sweeten and preserve the boba once they are cooked
  2. Take ½ cup of water to boil over high heat on the stove or in the microwave
  3. Once the water begins to steam, turn of the heater and stir in ½ cup of sugar
  4. Stir the sugar until it dissolves completely in the water
  5. Set this aside so it can cool down

  1. While your boba and sweet syrup are drying you can make your tea to go with the boba
  2. First bring one cup of water to boil
  3. After it starts to steam, turn the heat off
  4. Add the tea bag into the water
  5. You can choose to add two bags of tea if you like a stronger tea flavor, but one is recommended
  6. Remove the tea bag(s) after 15 minutes and pour the tea in a glass cup and wait for 15 minutes so it can chill


  1. Drain the boba of water and transfer them to a small bowl or container
  2. Pour the sugar syrup over the top of the boba until they are submerged
  3. Let the boba sit until they are room temperature, somewhere around 15 minutes

24. Add the boba in your chilled tea

  1. Top your chilled tea with milk for a creamy bubble tea


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