A Colorful Leader


Color Guard Captain Junior Rina Iwata Talks About Her Passion

The dazzling costumes, the unique dance routines, the swift spinning of flags – the Seven Lakes Color Guard team serves as an eminent key in high school football games. Hours of practice and discipline stand behind perfectly executing dance routines, enhancing the music and adding visual effects during the marching band’s halftime show. 

“I was captivated by how everyone was spinning and dancing, and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a part of that,” junior Rina Iwata said. 

Iwata joined color guard in seventh grade and has been the captain since her freshman year. Iwata was instantly drawn to the idea of providing a visual aspect to music while being apart of a team. 

“Color guard plays a significant role in the visual ensemble of the marching band. From jazz running from drill to drill and performing with full out energy, by the end of practice we are exhausted”. Color guard is truly a ‘sport of an arts’ activity,” Iwata said. 

Engaging audiences each show requires great confidence from every color guard member that can be displayed through their dance moves. As it is a color guard’s primary role to interpret and amplify the marching band’s halftime show to the audience, each member’s confidence and coordination are persistently trained at every practice through a multitude of drills with and without the flags. 

“Through performance, I have gained artistic expressiveness and control over my own body,” Iwata said. “From a timid little seventh grader to now, I feel a jurassic change in both my confidence and skills.” 

With the hard work, perfectionism, and sweat colorguard requires, Iwata strongly believes that color guard is a sport. And believes that others should think so as well. 

“The SLHS guard are full of amazing young women and gentlemen, and I am confident to say that without their push and desire to improve, we would have never gotten to where we are,” Iwata said. “They are the best teammates one could have. From hyping up the team before practice, to designing shirts, to coordinating socials, the lessons that I have learned and the memories I have aquired are priceless.”



Junior Rina Iwata performs her routine during the color guard’s half time football performance with the band.

photo by Lila Hiett