Band Competition Season


Band Members Reflect on the Competition Season

Starting in July, band members have put in many hours in order to prepare for the upcoming competition season. With expectations high, and numerous hours of practice, band members expect nothing less than matching last year’s success after making it to  State for the first time in school history.

“I’m expecting the momentum to keep going from last year,” senior Brandon Ysasaga said.  “Last year we were able to able to make it to State, and with us doing well last year, we were excited for the season to come.”

Along with putting in many hours preparing for football games, starting in the summer, band members also spend many hours getting ready for the upcoming competition season.

“At the end of July and the beginning of August, we begin learning the competitive show,” senior Reign Reyes said. “Our practice days are usually in three to four hour blocks, two to three times per day. We practice three to four times a week during the school year, following the eight hour rule. 

The first competition that the band has competed in was BOA Houston, and unfortunately did not get the placement they expected for themselves. 

“Our first competition at BOA Houston, we didn’t do as well as we thought we would,” Ysasaga said. “It showed us that we needed to work harder to improve our show. But then at the Katy Cup, after tying with Tompkins, we won. Then at BOA Waco we placed 5th out of 29 school.”

Although being a member of the band can be rewarding, it does not come without its challenges. 

“I think the most challenging part about band is keeping up with our expectations,” Reyes said. “I know individually and as a whole, we all have goals set for ourselves for the season that we want to accomplish, and expecting us to be better than what we have already accomplished before can be a tough thing to do.”

While trying to reciprocate last year’s success may seem daunting, band members use it as fuel to improve all aspects of their show. 

“I knew from the beginning of this season that this year’s show was going to be amazing,” Reyes said. “I think that’s because of how far we made it last year, and everyone has high expectations for ourselves which motivates and pushes us to keep improving.”

photo by: Lauren Hekimian